You are the co-creator of your life. I am here to help you remember this.
“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”
– Carl Gustav Jung

I am Raluca Predescu, clinical psychologist, Systemic Psychotherapist that works with individuals, couples and families and astrological counselor.

Above all, I am an introspective human being, who has always been searching for answers to life's questions, outcomes to situations faced over time and last but not least, that harmony and peace of the soul. I have found answers in several fields, but the two that have emerged the most in my life are Systemic Psychotherapy and Astrology. The values that I am guided by and that I truly believe in are first and foremost the deep understanding of our own being and the freedom to choose consciously. I am here to accompany and guide you through these processes.



Individual Psychotherapy

It helps you know yourself deeply, overcome your blockages, fears, find practical solutions to various problems you may face, improve the quality of life and transform yourself personally, emotionally, socially, professionally, spiritually.

Psihoterapie SISTEMICĂ individuală

Couples therapy

It helps you improve the relationship with your partner and provides practical solutions to various problems that may arise inside the couple.

Psihoterapie sistemică de cuplu

Family therapy

It helps you improve the relationship with your family members and provides practical solutions to various problems that may arise within the family.

Psihoterapie sistemică de FAMILIE

Group therapy

Different group programs for personal development and self-knowledge.

Psihoterapie de grup

Personal development and coaching

They help you understand yourself more deeply and solve certain situations that you face at a certain point in your life, for which you want clear and quick solutions.

Dezvoltare personală și coaching

Online therapy

Whether you choose individual or couple and family psychotherapy, online sessions offer you the benefit of remote connection and are suitable for people with an unpredictable schedule or who live in any corner of the world and cannot be physically present in the office.

Psihoterapie online

Astrology SErvices

Natal chart

Înțelegerea, valorificarea potențialului nostru interior, a propriilor nevoi, emoții, înclinații și a anumitor blocaje
Understanding and discovering our inner potential, our deepest needs, emotions, aspirations.
Cum putem să îmbunătățim aspectul financiar, să fim prosperi.
How to improve the financial aspect, how to be prosperous.
Analiza diferitelor probleme de sănătate, sensibilități ale unor organe, dar și cum să ne menținem sănătoși.
Analysis of various health issues, problems with different organs and also how to become healthier.
Ce fel de practică spirituală mi se potriveste, care sunt condiționările subconștiente și cum să le depășesc, care este scopul, menirea mea.
What kind of spiritual practice suits us, what is karma and dharma, what are the karmic imprints and how to overcome them, how to fulfill our mission.
Vocația și calitățile pe care le avem din punct de vedere al carierei.
The vocation and qualities we have in terms of our career.

Transits & Solar
Return chart

Aflarea anumitor predispoziții în funcție de tranzitele planetare, în prezent sau viitorul apropiat.
Finding out certain predispositions based on planetary transits, for the present moment or in the near future.
Relocarea în vederea schimbării Ascendentului din Revoluția Solară.
Relocation in order to change the ascendent of the solar return.
Direcțiile principale pentru noul an astrologic.
Main guidelines of the new astrological year.

synastry &
chart reading

Compatibilitatea, aspectele dinamice, lecțiile și provocările pe care le avem de depășit în cuplu, în relațiile cu ceilalți.
Compatibility, dynamic aspects, challenges and lessons we learn in our relationships.
Conștientizarea nevoilor noastre relaționale.
Understanding our relational needs.
Elemente practice pentru a îmbunătăți comunicarea în cuplu.
Practical keys to improve communication within a couple.

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